+++Englische Originalversion, Deutsches Overvoice erscheint am 26. August+++ In this season’s final episode Jagoda Marinic asks Arundhati Roy about her ideas of freedom. Two hours of tender language and clear judgement. A beautiful glimpse of how Arundhati Roy perceives the world imbedded in the sound of New Delhi traffic from outside her window. We recommend listening to this episode just over and over again to find out: What kind of danger Arundhati Roy is. (39:23) How she plotted her escape from her hometown. (13:32) Why there is no excuse for bad art in her world. (44:46) Roys thoughts about the attack on Salman Rushdie. (49:02) And a too simplified debate on freedom of speech. (49:53) What according to Arundhati Roy is a very complicated Yoga Asana (42:47) The ambivalence of judgment and non-judgment. (7:53) India leading to a form of fascism. (50:59) (59:46) Arundhati Roy’s dream about a fish. (32:04) Roy not pretending to be fearless. (1:16:31) How a musical note can fight a fact-free world. (1:23:40) You find a 1h10 transcript in English here: https://download.hr2.de/podcasts/freiheit_deluxe/freiheit-deluxe-arundhati-roy-finale-azadi-freedom-english-100.pdf And in German translation here: https://download.hr2.de/podcasts/freiheit_deluxe/freiheit-deluxe-arundhati-roy-finale-azadi-freiheit-uebersetzung-100.pdf And another English episode of FREEDOM DELUXE with Siri Hustvedt in our podcast channel, uploaded in July 2021. The third and next season FREEDOM DELUXE starts on September 23th. | Our podcast is a production by the ARD/Hessischer Rundfunk, German National Radio and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association.

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